Monday, February 21, 2011

Jesus Saves

Note from the editor of this blog: Don't be offended. Jesus is awesome.

My Nest

I'm thinking of making my bed look like this. I'm not kidding. It already kind of looks like this. I'll post a picture of my own bedroom when I'm done.

Lovely Hair Style

I'm contemplating doing this to my hair.

Digger The Dog...

digger he goes with you when you explore. Just pull his leash and go for a walk. He's your dog, fo' shore (sic)!

Friday, February 11, 2011

A Miniature Gynecological Exam Table and Gurney

I couldn't resist these beautiful miniatures. They will come in handy for a book I'm working on. I also bought a hospital bed and an IV stand. I used to own a gurney like this one. MIT's Artificial Intelligence department gave it to me for my performances. Now I have a mini one.

Monday, February 7, 2011

To Die For - And the pears think so too!

I never blog about food. I'm NOT a foodie. That said, this meal at Eleven Madison Park was the best meal I have ever had IN MY LIFE. And I have had some amazing meals in my time. Check out this menu above - you choose each course by flavor. The waiter begins by asking you if you have any dietary concerns. I told him that I was vegetarian and I'm allergic to all wines except Chianti (I know, it sucks). You must choose Black Truffle. "Chef" stopped by our table to visit. He explained all about the Black Truffle Falafel donut he invented. He was young and cute too! If you live in New York City you must GO to Eleven Madison Park. As an end to our meal they brought us a pear liquor. Do you remember those old ships in a bottle? How did they get them inside? This is the story of how the pear got inside the liquor bottle.

Yuri Norstein's Hedgehog In The Fog, 1975

I love this. The hedgehog reminds me of my pomeranian dog.