Saturday, October 23, 2010

Impractical Sofas & Impractical Cars

My kind of sofa.
I'd rather eat shards of glass than sit on this.
When it comes to furniture I prefer aesthetics over comfort. I'll take quirky over conservative any day of the week. A well turned leg is much more important to me than having a place to sit, watch tv and eat potato chips. By the way, no television is allowed unless it is hidden away in a dungeon.

I'm in search of a new car. I need help. I present to you my choices (all British). Let's begin with the one I want the most (which also happens to be the most impractical).

A 1964 Morgan.
Pros: Ultimate Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Car. The front is held down with a leather belt and the seats are floatation devices.
Cons: It's a manual transmission, no airbag (this baby is made of wood), it's huge and highly impractical. I mean, where will my dogs go?

A 1964 Mini Cooper.
Pros: Right side steering wheel. It's a REAL Mini.
Cons: Right side steering wheel. Those who know me know that I'm NOT a very good driver as it is. However, I learned only 3 years ago, it might be easier for me to unlearn since I don't really know what I'm doing yet. Also, no airbag.

1964 Mini Cooper B&W.
Pros: It's so damn Mod! Stripes! The dashboard is RED.
Cons: The salesman really tried to deter me from this one and it costs less than the one he thinks I should get. Hmmm. No air con.

1964 MG.
Pros: The salesman recommended this as a compromise for practicality/impracticality and "fun."
Cons: It's pretty, but not quite quirky enough for me. I could always throw a stripe or a swiss army knife cross down the middle. If I'm going to die from lack of an airbag wouldn't it be better to be impaled with wood (the Morgan) than crushed by metal?

2008 Mini Cooper.
Pros: For starters, once i buy this one I won't have monthly car payments AND monthly mechanic bills. It won't break down. Air bag and modern safety features. It's also damn cute.
Cons: I'm not sure that there are any cons. That should answer my question, right?

Other sofas I like:

UPDATE: The car I chose is a Plymouth Prowler. It is a the perfect compromise. It looks old, but it has airbags and modern amenities.
They made many types of toy cars of The Prowler.
The Prowler is in a time capsule. How cool is that?
The Prowler is also a super hero car of choice.


  1. You really look great in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, but safety is paramount in an automobile. It's between the à la française floor/wall seat and the cool pool sofa.

  2. On second thought, pools are always high maintenance.