Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jersey Shore's Uncle Nino Is My Neighbor on Staten Island

My next door neighbor on Staten Island will be on MTV's Jersey Shore. His name is Nino and he is Vinny's uncle. Nino yelled over my fence today to tell me that he will be featured on the show this Sunday, September 12, 7PM, before the MTV Music Video awards. He told me to tell all my friends to watch. He will also be on the previews tonight (Thursday, September 9, 2010). He told me that he is in the hot tub scene. If you miss it you can watch it HERE after it airs.

Here is a picture of Nino at my recent Fort Hill Castle party. He is the one who brought the two platters of ziti and sauce.

You can see more pictures from my party at Fort Hill Castle HERE. We are thinking of having a Jersey Shore party at the castle. It would be interesting to see the show's characters interact with my artist friends. The Hipsters versus the Jersey Shore.

You can read more about the show HERE.

I'm 100% Italian American myself, and I own a house on Staten Island, but I do not behave, talk, or dress the way they do on the show. I also don't condone calling "ugly" girls "grenades." Still, Uncle Nino is a great guy and he makes delicious ziti.

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